Group Game Ideas to Play in the Pool

Men playing a ball game at the pool

Hosting a pool party and you have no idea to add a little more fun? Try initiating pool games! No matter the age, people would love to have fun and enjoy spending time with one another through games. Avoid having a lame pool party with people having nothing to do but chill … Read more

Best Portable Speakers for the Beach or Pool


Being able to take your music with you wherever you go is one of the great wonders brought to life by smartphone technology and portable speakers. It’s even better if you have a Bluetooth portable speaker. And when you want to provide sounds for your next beach or pool party, you want … Read more

Guide to Rash Guards for the Beach and Pool

TSLA-Women-s-Half-Zip-Front-Rash-Guard-UPF-50-Side-Adjustable-Short-Sleeve-Swim-Shirts-UV-Sun-Protection-Wetsuit-Swimsuit-350x230 jpeg

Also known as rashies or rash vests, rash guards are fitted athletic garments specially designed for water sports or athletic wear. It’s named rash guards to prevent chafing or grazing one’s skin against a surfboard, thus guarding the skin against rashes. Today, rash guards are worn not just for catching waves, but … Read more