What is a boyleg swimsuit?


Shopping for swimsuits is a real challenge. Shopping requires trying on bikinis in an unattractive changing room mirror is as annoying. In addition to all of that, there are countless varieties of swimsuits to pick from, which further makes things complicated. Be aware that there is no one swimsuit that … Read more

Choosing the Right Swimsuit for While On A Boat

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You instantly know which swimsuit will look best when you learn that you and your friends will be spending the weekend on a boat. Whether you prefer a one-piece or a bikini, swimwear is unquestionably the star of your look and the one thing you can cross off your list … Read more

Reasons To Wear Beach Scarf

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On some days, your hair feels stunning, pristine, and lovely enough to serve as the face of a hair-care advertisement. Occasionally, not so much. You simply can’t be bothered to deal with it because it’s dirty, frizzy, or appears to have grown a new cowlick. A headscarf can be useful … Read more

Can You Wear a Swim Headscarf While Swimming?

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In religions like the Muslim and Judeo-Christian faiths, headscarves are commonly worn. Orthodox Jewish women also wore headscarves to conceal their hair as a symbol of modesty. Wearing a headscarf was considered conventional for Christian women throughout Africa, Europe, and the Mediterranean before the 18th century. It is still practiced … Read more

What Is the Best Scarf Size for a Head Wrap?

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Whether you’re new to head wrapping or a seasoned pro, you may be wanting to know: does the length of the head wrap matter? We’re here to dispel some head wrap myths and explain why the length of your head wrap may (or may not) matter based on your preferences … Read more

Different Ways to Tie a Beach Headband Scarf

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A headscarf is the supreme beauty savior for as many motives as there are ways to wear one. Do beach hair scarves protect your hair? Yes, a scarf not only protects your scalp from UV rays and masks a poor hair day, but it also incorporates a trendy touch to … Read more

Top Swimsuit Mistakes to Avoid

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It’s a beautiful day, and you can’t wait to get to the beach and relax while soaking up the rays. You’d probably start going through your closet for your bikinis so you could finally hit the waves. You might also be planning your next vacation, and you’re eager to pack … Read more

Common Bathing Suit Styles to Consider

Bathing suits have come a long way—from the modest 1920 one-pieces to the introduction of the bikini in the 1940s. And, thankfully, they’re a lot more flattering now than they were previously. Nowadays, the possibilities are limitless. But where should you begin when finding the perfect swimsuit? We’re here to … Read more