Guide to Beach Chairs

The beach is one of the best places to relax and cool down during the summer and the hot months. It is fun to do water activities while soaking up the sun and enjoying the waves. But another thing that can add to your relaxing time at the beach is a chair. Sand is good, but sometimes, it’s not fun having it stick to your swimsuit, your hair, and your body. Having a chair by your side makes hanging out at the beach easier and more comfortable.

There are many options for a beach chair in the market, so it pays to inform yourself of the many options before you spend your hard-earned cash.

Types of Beach Chairs

Where to Buy
Rio Beach Classic 5 Position Lay Flat Folding Beach Chair
Ostrich 3-in-1 Beach Chair/Lounger
Tommy Bahama 2016 Backpack Cooler Chair
KingCamp Low Sling Beach Folding Chair
Quik Shade Adjustable Canopy Folding Camp Chair
Kozyard Cozy Aluminum Padded Reclining Beach Lounge Chair
Timber Ridge Balsam Deluxe Zero Gravity Lounger

1. Rio Beach Classic 5 Position Lay Flat Folding Beach Chair

Best classic beach chair:

This is one of the most popular beach chairs in the market. It has a classic folding design that offers five reclining positions, which include laying flat for full body tanning. It has contoured wooden armrests that are beautiful and is sealed with a marine-grade coating to give it a weather-proof finish. It reduces the risk of pinching while reclining. It’s made of a sturdy aluminum frame with patented locking brackets to reinforce chair strength and to prevent the chair from folding or collapsing while in use. It has a built-in towel bar to hang your beach towel dry. It folds flat for easy transport and storage, and you can just leave it in the trunk of your car all summer.

The polyester fabric in this chair is rip-free, waterproof, and fade-resistant. You have a choice of 17 colors so you can choose one that can suit your taste. This chair doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles, but it has what it takes to be a good and reliable chair. It can deliver long periods of use for years to come.


Classic beach chair

Classic beach chairs have seats that are less than 12 inches off the ground. It’s a low chair that can keep you from sitting on bare sand while allowing you to stretch your legs onto the ground. With a classic beach chair, you can enjoy the cool water and wet sand while sitting down comfortably. The fabric in classic beach chairs is designed to dry fast and be durable to support outdoor use, as well as wear and tear.

A benefit of owning a classic beach chair is you can also take it to many outdoor beach events and camping events as well.

2. Ostrich 3-in-1 Beach Chair/Lounger

Best beach lounger:

This beach lounger is perfect for relaxing at the beach while snacking. It offers five reclining positions and three adjusting footrest positions. You can use it simply as a chair, you can stretch out your feet, you can recline on your back, and you can also lay on your stomach with your head on the face hole! It can handle any reclining position you like.

This beach lounger includes a removable side tray for your snacks, and its armrests are made of wood. When it’s folded, it can be carried over the shoulder using the included strap. It only weighs 10 lbs.


Beach lounger

If you want to take a nap at the beach and not just sit, a beach lounger is an excellent option for you. Also referred to as beach chaise loungers, beach loungers are comfy beach chairs that offer footrest and even pillow headrests to give you a higher level of relaxation. Fabric choices for this type of chair are vast, and the best ones include marine-grade fabrics. Some offer paddings, which can even be removable.

3. Tommy Bahama 2016 Backpack Cooler Chair

Best backpack beach chair

Tommy Bahama is a well-known brand in the beach chair industry, and they offer chairs in a various range of styles and colors. This backpack chair is a highly-rated masterpiece because it’s perfect for any person who brings absolutely everything to the beach. It comes with two massive pockets at the back of the chair, and one of them is insulated so you can keep your drinks and snacks cold.

On one armrest comes another pocket designed to keep your phone and wallet, making it easy to keep track of your most important belongings. Plus, it also comes with an adjustable pillow to make lounging more comfortable. The chair itself is made from a rust-proof aluminum frame that can handle weight up to 300 lbs. It also features a 600D polyester fabric that’s exceptionally strong. It doesn’t put too much pressure on the back as you carry it as it only weighs 7 lbs.


Backpack beach chair

If you want a beach chair that is as lightweight as possible and offers hands-free and easy transportation, a backpack beach chair is a convenient choice for you. This is a type of chair that has built-in straps so you can carry it like a backpack when folded. With the chair comfortably at your back, your hands are free to carry other items or hold your kids. It’s also great for cyclists, campers and hikers.


4. KingCamp Low Sling Beach Folding Chair

Best low beach chair:

This ultra-compact beach chair makes a great addition to any beach outing. This chair is particularly low – you can sit on it Indian-style. Its low-profile design makes the seat more stable on the sand, but it has an impressive weight capacity for such a compact unit.

The frame of this chair is made from heavy-duty steel, and the fabric is breathable and comfortable. It comes with a cup holder and a compact carrying bag, complete with strap. This chair is very light, only weighing 6.6 lbs. But it can handle the weight of up to 300 lbs. It comes in three colors: blue, cyan, and rose red.

Low beach chair

Low beach chairs are generally smaller in size and sit very low to the ground. Their height is perfect for children, and it’s very easy to carry on the beach. It’s still very suitable for adults if you want something that can simply keep your body off the sand on sweltering sand days. Some small and low beach chairs that are made for children come in fun shapes and designs.

5. Quik Shade Adjustable Canopy Folding Camp Chair

Best canopy beach chair:

If you’re looking for an all-around chair, try out this canopy beach chair from Quik Shade. This chair may seem like a basic beach chair, but it’s well-designed and made of quality materials. It has a rugged steel frame and a durable 600D polyester fabric material that is water and stain-resistant. The canopy in this beach chair can be fully adjusted and even removed if you like. It offers excellent protection against the harsh UV rays from the sun.

On both arms of the chair, you can find cup holders for your drinks. It also comes with a storage pocket at the back. Overall, this chair is light and easy to carry as it weighs only 9 lbs. It also has a convenient nylon carry strap for easy transport. You can choose from two colors: blue and green.

Canopy beach chair

Canopy beach chairs look like regular beach chairs, but it has a canopy attached to it. This is a great choice if you want a chair that will give you an option for shade from the intense sun while you’re at the beach. This way, you can protect your face and upper body. This type of chair typically comes with adjustable positions that can be folded to the back to allow full exposure to the sun, and some come with canopies that can be detached. This makes reading on the beach more comfortable, and this can help you cope with intense sunlight even if you forgot your sunglasses.

6. Kozyard Cozy Aluminum Padded Reclining Beach Lounge Chair

Best padded beach chair:

After a long week or a long day at work, there’s nothing like kicking back to an ingeniously designed and ultra-comfy lounger. This lounge chair allows you to lie back and feel no pressure on your muscles and joints. This lounger is ergonomically designed with a padded sling seat to provide maximum comfort in five adjustable back positions. The cushioning makes it enjoyable to lounge in this chair.

This chair has a very light aluminum frame that provides sturdy support, and the cushion is covered with a UV-resistant, breathable Textilene mesh fabric that offers longevity. It’s also effortless to clean and maintain, as the fabric is water- and oil-proof. Its adjustable back and folding legs allow this lounger to be easily brought to the beach, yet it can also function as a patio or pool furniture at your home.

Padded beach chair

Padded beach chairs are an improved version of the regular one – their seat and back are cushioned with foam to add more comfort. It’s an excellent choice for people who love to sit in the sand under the sun for long periods of time. This chair allows you to enjoy lounging more comfortable. The padding can also prevent backaches and your bottom from getting sore.

7. Timber Ridge Balsam Deluxe Zero Gravity Lounger

Best zero gravity beach chair:

It will be easy to kick back and relax in this zero gravity beach chair from Timber Ridge. It’s a relaxing zero gravity beach chair featuring an essential and patent deluxe Dura Dora mesh. It has a suspension system that offers the ultimate comfort while you admire the view of the beach. It has a bungee-cord suspension system designed to provide maximum relaxation to any position, including fully laid back, with a locking system. The armrest is made of a plastic material with ergonomic design.

What’s great about this chair is it comes with a removable foam headrest to ensure better comfort. You can also use it as a lumbar support pillow. This chair also has a detachable cup holder to keep your beverage within reach

Zero gravity beach chair

Zero gravity beach chairs are the pool partyers and beach goer’s envy – its smart design can allow you to choose infinite reclining positions within its range of movement. These chairs are designed to relieve pressure on the lower back and spine because they do not recline in a flat way. These chairs are also known as patio recliners, as it elevates the feet and legs while gently supporting the back. This gives a sense of floating, that’s why it’s called a zero gravity chair.

Beach chair materials

Different types and styles of beach chairs come in different materials. These materials can ensure the durability of your beach chair.


Aluminum is the most popular material used for a beach chair and for most outdoor chairs because it’s sturdy, strong yet lightweight, and it’s weather- and rust-resistant. If you’re looking for something that is easy to carry for your beach trips and will last for years of enjoyment, an aluminum beach chair is your best choice. Aluminum beach chairs can hold a decent amount of weight for an adult.

Most aluminum beach chairs also come with must-have fabric types, such as 600D rugged polyester, Textilene, breathable mesh and polyester-cotton blends that are quick-drying and fade-resistant.


Wooden beach chairs are typically crafted for elegance, longevity, and comfort. Wood elevates your lounging experience on the beach, and you can have a unique chair in a shore full of aluminum chairs. Beach chairs made of wood come with different stains. You can expect the same cool features of other beach chairs, but in an elevated way as it becomes comparable to good quality furniture. It’s not only suitable for the beach but also on your deck or by your pool. The wooden chairs made for the beach are stained to withstand the seaside elements.

Features of wood beach chairs include several reclining positions, pockets, cup holders and of course, weather-resistant fabric. And it’s not as heavy as you think. Wood beach chairs can be as light as 8-9 lbs. and still hold up to 300 lbs. What’s great about wood beach chairs is that it can be personalized, and custom-fitted to your preferences. They also make a great gift for families who likes to swim at the beach or at the pool.  


Steel offers superb strength and elasticity for a beach chair. If sturdiness is your main concern, choose a chair made of steel. However, it’s more vulnerable to outdoor elements compared to aluminum, but steel beach chairs are usually made of powder-coated finish that gives them a long life outdoors. Usually, zero gravity beach chairs are the ones made of steel.


You may think plastic is cheap, but do you know that it’s one of the most weather-resistant among these four options? Plastic is highly resistant to saltwater and bacterial growth, making it an ideal choice for beach chairs. It’s also a great material to work with because plastic chairs are durable and can last for a long time. However, its lightweight design may make it susceptible to winds once the chairs are vacated.

Things to Consider when Buying a Beach Chair

Besides knowing the different types and materials of beach chairs, you must know what to look for when examining a potential beach chair to buy.

When you purchase a beach chair, it must be able to reap the following benefits:

  • Better relaxation
  • Support for your back and buttocks while you enjoy long periods of time on the sand
  • No sand on your clothes and body anymore
  • Pockets or additional storage for keeping materials like sunscreen, drinks, and books
  • Sturdy and reliable construction

Here are the following things to consider as you shop:

Ease of Use and Foldability

Beach chairs must be easy to use and adjustable. Most chairs are adjustable, from the position of sitting upright to laying down to tan. This allows you to get the most out of your chairs. A lot of beach chairs can be folded easily for ease in transportation, but there are some that can be more compact than others, like the backpack chair. When you go to the beach, most probably you already packed a lot of bags containing different stuff such as clothes and gear, so having a chair that folds up real good can be a lifesaver.


Having a chair that offers enough support considering your height is important. If you are tall, beach chairs that are low may not feel comfortable for you. Also consider the height of the back. High back styles usually transform into a beach lounger. Getting a beach chair that can fully support your back and neck is helpful, and getting one without compromising on portability is a sweet deal.

Weight Capacity

You must be able to easily carry your chair to and from the beach, for you to be comfortable using it. Consider the weight of the product before purchasing it. Remember you may be carrying your other stuff along with it, too.

Since beach chairs are engineered to be as light as possible, they are typically made up of a combination of metal and fabric, which has a high chance of breakage. Make sure that you and your family (or anyone you are planning to go beach trips with) are under the said weight capacity. Always check the weight rating of the chair, as some chairs have low weight ratings that simply won’t work with fully grown men.


Aside from the frame material discussed earlier, you can also look into the type of fabrics used on the chair. You need to make sure that your beach chair is made of an outdoor fabric that is quick-drying. It should also be stain-resistant and mildew-resistant. You can find a lot of chairs with water-resistant and fade-proof fabrics perfect for beach use.

The material of the chair frames is an important consideration. Let’s face it; the beach is a harsh environment for any type of furniture. Ocean water and salt spray can quickly tarnish metal, so it needs to be rust-resistant. Investing in a rust-resistant chair can drastically increase the lifespan of your chair. The rust-proof layer is often a coating over the metal that works to protect the frame.

You also have to put extra consideration with the chair legs. Sand is often uneven, so you will likely be putting your chair in an awkward position. It is crucial that the legs of the chair be steady in itself.


This is one of the most important things you must be looking for when choosing a beach chair. Make sure that you are comfortable with the chair you’ve chosen, or else you won’t be happy with your purchase. The amount of time you will be spending on the chair over the summer is likely going to be extensive, so for this reason, it’s worth ensuring that the chair is really comfortable. If you prefer a little cushioning, go for it. Don’t overlook padded armrests as well.

Other features

It’s also important to look at the additional features of the beach chair. It helps a lot if the chair gives more functionality than to provide seating. Some beach chairs come with built-in accessories such as carrying straps, pillows, pockets, storage holders, key holders, towel holders, and even sunglasses, too. As you learned earlier, some beach chairs come with a built-in canopy – it’s better to find one that can be adjusted to different positions. Some have cup holders that hold your drinks, while some even have insulated cup holders that work to keep your drink cold.

Other beach chairs that offer the most comfort includes a footrest. Being able to lounge fully on the beach is a great feeling, and having something to put your feet up is a great bonus.