Norma Kamali Women’s Johnny D Bikini Top Review

Founded in 1967, Norma Kamali is famous clothing brand. This company has won a couple of awards for its quality products. Till now, Norma Kamali has manufactured lots of high-quality products and in this product review, we will discuss one of those.

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Made of pure polyester, the Norma Kamali Women’s Johnny D Bikini Top is one of the best Bikini Top ever made by Norma Kamali. Manufactured in the USA, this bikini top is hand washable. Very comfortable to wear and it looks great. One main property of this bikini is that it is strapless which makes it more comfortable.


  • Easily available in different colors like white and black.
  • Made of high-quality
  • Available in all sizes.
  • Very easy and comfortable to wear.
  • The price is very reasonable.

No flaws? Yes, there are no flaws I could find in the Norma Kamali Women’s Johnny D Bikini Top. What else can you expect? If you are looking for something durable and long lasting within your budget, then this is definitely worth your consideration.