Seafolly Women’s Goddess Retro Bikini Bottom Review

Founded in 1975, Seafolly is a top swimming clothing brand based in Australia. The main products of this company include bikinis, tops, swimwear etc. Till now the company has produced a lot of high-quality clothing products and in this review, we will discuss one of those products.

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Made of pure nylon and elastane, the Seafolly Women’s Goddess Retro Bikini Bottom is a pure class from Seafolly. This retro bikini is easily hand washable and is imported. One main benefit of getting this bikini bottom is its manufacturing company which has very good reputation on the market.


  • Easily available in different colors like black, raspberry, indigo, seychelles, red hot, blue, nectarine.
  • Easily available in different sizes.
  • The price is very reasonable.
  • Made of high-quality materials.
  • Gives you full seat coverage.

There are no cons that I could find in the Seafolly Women’s Goddess Retro Bikini Bottom. The price in which this bikini is available is a pure bargain. If you are looking for something durable at a reasonable price, then this is definitely worth your consideration.