Should You Take Your Baby to the Beach?

Do you remember your childhood? What is your favorite memory from those days? Is it one of your grand birthdays or a fun weekend out with your cousins? We are sure that all of them are great memories but can any of them outstand your memories of the good, old beach days? 

We know that answer because nothing can beat the feeling of a fresh, cold breeze blowing your hair while you run towards the waves with sand all over your feet. 

Summer is here, and for many of you, it is that time of the year where you let go of all your worries and stress and take your friends, family, and yourselves to the beach. But a lot of newly turned parents with little cubs worry about hitting the beach. They often avoid going to the beach due to fear, stress, inadequate knowledge, misconceptions, or overprotectiveness regarding the baby. But don’t you worry, because we got you. 

Is it Safe to Take Your Baby to the beach?

Is it Safe to Take Your Baby to the beach?

Before concluding that whether or not to take your little one to the beach, there are more than one factors involved that might help you make a decision. The first factor to contemplate is your baby’s age and if it is safe for them to be in the water. Usually, babies of one year or less are not recommended by the doctors to be taken in the seawater as it can result in health hazards. 

This does not mean that you can’t take your kid to the beach; you just have to keep them away from the water. You can have a nice little picnic on the sand with your family, which will help your baby to get familiar with new faces and noises. 

Taking a newborn (below the age of two months) to the beach might not be an ideal decision. Many doctors indicate that newborns are more prone to infections and diseases due to their vulnerable immune systems. 

But if your kid has already celebrated their first birthday and has some experience with pool water or bathwater, then they might be ready to wear their beach shorts and hold their mummy’s finger to the beach. Still, you have to be extra careful and attentive to make your baby’s beach day safe and happy. 

Why is a Beach Day Good for Your Little One?

It might look like too much work to take your baby with you on a beach trip. We will be lying if we say that it is not that big of a deal because it is. But all the hustle is worth it. Let’s see how.

1. It’s Time to Introduce Them to Seawater

It’s Time to Introduce Them to Seawater

Your babies are missing it all out if you have not taken them to a beach yet. Imagine them sitting in the middle of the small waves splashing the water. Wouldn’t that be refreshing for them? Or think how great their pictures would look. And if you are worried about what saltwater might do to your child, then stop right there because, in reality, it is good for them. 

Saltwater has many useful minerals that are good for the skin, and salt can be helpful against various ailments, like skin irritation and eczema. 

2. Sunlight is Healthy

Sunlight is Healthy

Kids need direct sunlight to get a sufficient amount of Vitamin D that helps them in bone development and growth. Vitamin D deficiency in children gives rise to many diseases such as rickets, fractures, muscle weakness, etc. 

So now you know that a bit of sunlight won’t harm your baby; in fact, it is what they need. 

3. It Broadens Their Vision and Imagination

It Broadens Their Vision and Imagination

You are underestimating your little cub if you think there is nothing much going on in their minds. Babies think about every single thing from the moment they come out of the womb, and a fine beach day might leave them in awe and wonder. This will help build their imagination and make them more cheerful and happy. 

4. Familiar with People and Nature

Familiar with People and Nature

Babies often get upset and cry when surrounded by unknown people or larger crowds. This may also be because of the extra noise that they are not familiar with. A beach can be the best place for reducing their fears of crowds and noises by giving them something bigger to notice and observe, the sea. This will also help them enjoy and fall in love with nature. 

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Tips to Make Your Baby and Beach Combo Better

We have some smart and efficient tips for you that will make your and your baby’s experience at the beach wonderful and worth remembering.  

1. Dress Them Light

Dress Them Light

Make sure that your baby’s beach outfits are lightweight and light-colored apart from being adorable and cool. Dark-colored and heavy clothes might be responsible for absorbing extra heat and, as a result, might overheat your child. 

2. Take Baby-Friendly Sunscreen with You

Going to the beach without sunscreen is like going out in the middle of this pandemic without a mask. The outcomes might not be equally dangerous, but you should know the damage that sunlight can do to your babies. 

So, if you plan on spending some quality time of the day at the beach, you might need to prepare yourself to take care of your baby as their skin is sensitive and should not be displayed to direct sunlight for a longer period. 

Apply a baby-friendly sunscreen 30 minutes before sun exposure and re-apply it after every hour or two. 

3. A Tent is a Smart Choice

A Tent is a Smart Choice

Bringing a tent with you to the beach might be a good choice if you have a little one tagging along. The tent can shelter them from the heat and sun while also giving them a place to take a quick nap. Tents can be a good place for diaper changes and nursing the baby as well.

4. Swim Diapers Will Make Things Easy

If you are taking your baby to the beach, then swim diapers are a more preferred option than regular diapers. Regular diapers can make things difficult and messy for you and might make your trip unpleasant and exhausting. On the other hand, swim diapers can be far more comfortable as they can absorb all that water due to their waterproof layers. 

5. Bring Along Some Beach Toys for Your Baby

Bring Along Some Beach Toys for Your Baby

Babies need constant attention and activities, and even though they will enjoy the wonders of the beach, they might require some extra stuff. Yes, we mean toys. A kid without a toy doesn’t even make any sense, so make sure to pack some of their favorite toys for the trip. A Lego set would be an excellent choice to take to the beach. 

6. A Baby Pool Sounds Nice

An inflatable baby pool is something that your little one might enjoy under the hot sun and above the dry sand. You can cover it with some shade to help prevent the baby from direct sunlight to keep them cool and amused. 

7. Baby Powder Does Great Wonders

Baby powder might help keep your baby cool and fresh, but that’s not why it made it to our top nine tips. Did you know that baby powder can secretly help remove sand from your body? Isn’t that great? Now you can easily remove the gritty sand particles from your child’s body to stop them from getting irritated. 

8. Keep Your Baby Hydrated

Keep Your Baby Hydrated

It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but dehydration can be a real problem at the beach as the scorching sun and unending excitement can drain your energy and lower your body’s water content. It can also be a problem for your baby, so it’s important to keep them hydrated. 

The probable signs of dehydration in babies include dry mouth, dark-colored urine, and disinterest in anything. The appearance of any of these signs might mean that they need a break.

9. Pay Attention to Your Baby

Pay Attention to Your Baby

A beach might be amusing for your kid, but it can be a much-needed break for you as well. No matter how relaxed you are, don’t forget to keep an eye on your child because they need to be under an adult’s supervision at all times. 

Also, observe your baby from time to time to see if they are doing fine or not, as they can be showing signs of dehydration or overheating, or sunburn.

Baby and the Beach

Beach trips are fun, amusing, and relaxing for almost everyone, which is why you need to wear your flip-flops, pack the essentials, fit your family in the car, and hit the beach. And don’t worry if you have a baby with you because we are sure this article will help you see what an amazing combo your baby and the beach make. 

So, when are you planning on hitting the beach with your little one?