The Hairstyle Bucket List

We thought we’d put a new spin on the traditional bucket list, making it more attainable. The hairstyle bucket list is simple; it is something you can do for fun, to experiment with new looks, and to stretch your imagination! Tsiknaris Hair has compiled a list of the top ten looks that we believe every woman should try at least once in her life. This is about having fun with your hair and not taking life too seriously. The Outer Limits Adding fringe to any cut can transform a simple style into something modern, sophisticated, or edgy. You can check
mullet bangs tutorial on adding a fringe to any style at any time of year, from eye-skimming fringes to exuding sensual mystery to wispy Boho bangs.

Brunette or Blonde Beach Hair Who doesn’t want to channel their inner hippie? The beachy brunette or blonde is a must-try colour to try in your life. What tones you would embrace for this look vary depending on your skin tone, but to achieve a sun kissed effect, multiple tones are foiled into the hair, usually placing more lighter tones to frame the face…achieving a natural look. “With more than one tone being used in the hair, regrowth is seamless…and also adds to the beachy effect,” explains Abbie, director colorist at Tsiknaris Hair. The Bob A hairdressing staple, there are many types of bobs, including blunt, classic, choppy, asymmetric, concaved.

Asking your hairdresser which bob would suit you will be the best way to approach changing your current style to a bob, and then we can direct you toward your ultimate bob style,” Dimitri Tsiknaris advises. Undercutting An undercut can be a liberating experience. It can be incorporated into many different cuts, but keep in mind that clippers will be used to remove a lot of hair, so people with fine hair should avoid an undercut. “By removing hair with an undercut, bulky hair suddenly becomes lighter and more manageable, and when you put your hair up, it brings an element of surprise, turning a basic layered cut into an undercut,” explains Bill Tsiknaris.

The Redhead’s There is a wide range of coppers and reds to embrace when going for the’red head’ look, from wintery coppers to fiery reds. It all comes down to which shade of red or copper would look best on your skin. Consult your colorist for advice. Holding colour swatches up to your face can also help you determine whether a cherry red or strawberry blonde would suit your skin tone. In order to keep your bright locks, ask your colorist for at-home hair care tips. Coppers and reds are bright and punchy fashion colours, but they fade quickly, leaving your colour brassy and dull.

With a variety of products readily available, embracing bright colours is simple and easy. Simply request a bright toner after your colour service or invest in a take-home colour treatment (we recommend evo fabuloso pro) to give yourself pastel pink hair whenever the mood strikes. Jade, a colorist at Tsiknaris hair, explains the advantages of rainbow hair: “the plus to these bright colours is that they fade out the hair quickly, so you can be constantly changing your colour.” Glamour WavesWith beautiful brushed out waves, you can channel your inner glamour goddess.

You can dress it up with a floor-length evening gown or down with jeans and a baggy t-shirt. ExtensionsExtensions have evolved dramatically in the last ten years. Tape extensions have taken over the hairdressing world, replacing the tight micro bonds that seem to fall out all the time and look terrible in the hair. They are seamless, require less time to apply, and are simple to maintain. If you want more temporary extensions, clip-ins provide instant long locks and take no time to apply. Show Pony Extensions are highly recommended; they are available in both tape and clip-in styles.