UjENA Orange Crush Sports Boy Short Bikini Review

Founded in 1984, UjENA is a top brand in the line of swimwear. The main products of this company included swimwear, bikinis and tops. Till now the company has manufactured many quality products. In this product review, we will discuss one of those products.

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The UjENA Orange Crush Sport Boy Short Bikini – as the name suggests this orange colored bikini looks gorgeous on sand and beach. Built with high waisted shorts, this bikini is very easy to wear and provided comfy of supreme level. Wear this bikini and play basketball, volleyball on your travels to beach.


  • Easily available in all sizes like S (A-B) M (B-C) L (C) LL (D) 1X (DD) 2X (DDD).
  • Made of high-qualit ymaterials.
  • The price is very reasonable.
  • Very comfortable and easy to wear.

There are no noticeable flaws that I could find in UjENA Orange Crush Sport Boy Short Bikini. If you are looking for something durable for your beach visits in affordable price, then this is definitely worth considering.